Welcome to the Trend House Chronicles, documenting a piece of Mid-Century Modern architecture in Calgary. In the early 1950s a group from the British Columbia lumber industry sponsored the building of a series of innovative Modern Style homes across Canada, in a similar fashion to the Case Study Program in the United States. This web site documents the design and restoration of the Calgary Trend House undertaken since 2001, as well as documenting the programme as a whole.

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Trend House Blog

The latest updates on the Trend House and Trend House programme...

History of the Trend House

Learn more about the origins of the Trend House programme and about the Calgary Trend House...

Trend House Design & Construction

Discussion of some of the design and construction features of the house...

Trend House in the Press

A collection of stories and press articles on the programme both old and new...

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries documenting the restoration of the Calgary Trend House...


A list of books and articles relevant to the Trend House Programme...